6 Reasons Why Medical Professionals Wear Scrubs

Do you work at a health facility? If so, you might already know that every hospital and medical institution requires every medical professional to wear a uniform called medical scrubs. You must have seen these professionals wearing blue, navy blue, green, and pink scrubs, and have you ever wondered why they wear them?

Well, it is a uniform, but when you look at the functionality of this uniform, there’s more than meets the eye. And that’s why these institutions make it mandatory for medical professionals to wear them. As such, you will not see a single healthcare centre letting the staff wear casual clothing.

Now, let’s see the importance of wearing these scrubs.

1. Provides Proper Protection Against Bodily Fluids

When you are in the medical profession, you need to be in contact with several patients daily. And whomever you meet while you go for routine rounds could transfer bodily fluid through touch, air, or even from touching the places where they (patients) touched. As such, professionals wear hand gloves to avoid physical contact, but the other body parts also need to be covered, so they use scrubs.

2. Economic and Efficient

The medical scrubs are designed to cost a minimum during manufacturing. Though they are made keeping the cost in mind, they are made of good quality fabric that can withstand a thorough cleaning process. The scrubs are thoroughly soaked, washed, and put under the sun to clean them every day. Hence, the fabric’s quality does matter. As such, the manufacturers ensure that the fabric has good stitching and doesn’t come off after a few washes, and it means these scrubs can last for years.

3. Allows Easy Movement and Comfort

When you are a medical professional such as a doctor, surgeon, nurse or just a staff in the ward, you need to be on your toes all the time. You cannot rest until your shift is over because emergencies and patients won’t come with prior notice. So, when you have to be like this for hours, you need to be able to move and function without any restriction and be comfortable whether you are standing, sitting or walking. As such, these scrubs as so soft, light and comfortable that you won’t feel like you have a full uniform.

4. They Are Functional

As said earlier, these are made for more comfort and range of motion. And when you wear it, you can move like you are wearing casual wear or regular attire you wear at home. You can work all day and still feel comfortable in this uniform, so if your want a functional uniform, scrubs are the answer.

5. Makes It Easier to Identify a Healthcare Professional

When you visit a hospital or medical institution, you need to identify the medical professionals from the regular people. And just like the police, postman, and pilot, healthcare professionals need a uniform, and there is no better choice than scrubs. In the meantime, though some doctors prefer to wear a white overcoat too, that’s also a uniform in many places.

6. Prevents Cross-Contamination

In the time of coronavirus, you don’t need a definition of cross-contamination. So, when it tries to grow by spreading to other people, you need to stop it. As such, wearing medical scrubs will prevent the bacteria from coming in contact with your skin.

These are the importance of wearing a medical scrub. You will find that many medical institutions make it mandatory for all staff and practising students to wear this scrub. As such, it makes them accustomed to it, and they will understand its importance.

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