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Beauty Tips – How Much Does Getting a Facial Hurt?

A facial is a common beauty treatment. The results of a facial last anywhere from hours to days, and sometimes even weeks. But how much does it hurt? The answer depends on your starting complexion concerns and the type of treatment you get. Some people swear by their results, but research hasn’t always proven the efficacy of this treatment. Here are some things to keep in mind before you book your first appointment.

You should avoid applying any skin-care product containing AHAs the night before your facial. AHAs cause skin to become red, so avoid applying these products on the day of your facial. Also, make sure you don’t wear eye makeup before a facial, as this will take up a lot of time and may not be useful for extracting dead skin cells or receiving a facial massage. If you can’t stand the discomfort of an intense facial, consider scheduling it only once or twice a month.

When selecting a spa or salon, you need to consider your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, it is important to choose a place with good hygiene standards. Extractions can be painful, especially if you don’t have sensitive skin. Choosing a spa or salon with a good reputation will minimize the risk of any adverse reactions. The same goes for a facial on a date.

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