Can You Sue For Wrongful Termination In New York?

Wrongful termination is when your employer terminates or fires you from your job for an unlawful reason. Some illegal reasons to fire someone may be discrimination and retaliation. Even if you are an at-will employee, your employee cannot discriminate or retaliate against you. 

If you have been fired recently and you believe the reason behind it was illegal, speak to an employment lawyer White Plains. Losing a job and a source of income can not only be devastating for your financial situation but being fired for an illegal reason can leave you with a sense of injustice. You must work with an attorney to get your job back and recover damages if incurred. 

What constitutes wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination in White Plains occurs when an employer terminates a worker for something that is protected by the law. Even though at-will employment states that the employer can fire the employee at any time with or without any reason, the firing should still not have illegal intentions behind it.

One of the most common examples of wrongful termination is when companies fire women when they become pregnant. Pregnant women have the right to work as well as the right to paid maternity leave. If your employer refuses these rights, you can legally sue them. 

Suing for wrongful termination 

If you have experienced wrongful termination from your employer, you can certainly sue them. The law provides various protections for employees in every state. You can work with an experienced employment law attorney to explore your options. 

However, you cannot simply walk up to the judge and ask them to provide you justice. You need to gather the necessary evidence to prove that you were indeed fired for an illegal reason. For example, if your supervisor fired you for disability, it counts as discrimination. You can gather evidence for this by keeping texts or phone call records. 

What can you recover from a wrongful termination case in NY?

The potential recovery from a wrongful termination case in NY depends on the specifics of your case. However, you can usually recover compensation in various forms, including lost wages, lost benefits, psychological therapy due to being terminated, emotional pain and suffering, attorney’s fees, and even punitive damages. 

Additionally, apart from paying for these damages, the employer is also required to provide you with your position back in the company. If the position is no longer available and given to someone else, they must also reimburse for that. 

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