Cannabis What is Hemp? Doctor Gift explains clearly. Cannabis oil. Do you get drunk? New options in the medical field

CBD is a cannabinoid substance. Cannabis is found in the genus Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp with medical benefits. CBD is abundant in hemp inflorescences. And it was extracted from the inflorescence. It is not an oil or extracts from hemp seeds. And as above, CBD is not classified as a drug. It is a substance that does not affect the nervous system. (Non-psychoactive) does not cause intoxication. It has a mechanism of action to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, reduce pain, inflammation, and control seizures. Without neurotoxicity, Anti-tumor effect, and addition, CBD does not cause resistance or addiction when used continuously. Therefore, it can be used in various applications such as herbal products, medicines, and food. All kind of CBD products will found in CBD shop.

Counting down another 120 days, Cannabis can be grown in public houses. Doctor Kwan’s side explained that CBD Oil is not hemp oil. You must understand that Both hemp and hemp in a substances called CBD, which is how much this substance is not drunk. But the one that is drunk and acts on the nervous system is THC. This substance is found abundantly in inflorescences, and the use of THC must be under the supervision of a physician. Due to its potency, it affects the nervous system. It can make people addicted to drugs.

CBD oil, why don’t you get drunk???

  • CBD oil is not hemp oil.
  • CBD oil is extracted from Cannabis and legally removed in the medical field. non-drug
  • Eat and not get drunk.
  • But when the villagers make Cannabis to pound and mix with water comes out black. That’s the law. Guess and get drunk.
  • It helps with sleep and skin issues.

Cannabis is known as the world’s most absorbent plant. Because the cannabis plant can absorb all the substances in the soil, keep at the beginning, that begs the question of whether to grow Cannabis. Is your soil ready? Growing medical Cannabis must start with the soil in which it is grown. And are properly supervised also now. Both at home and abroad, research is being carried out on using CBD shop in combination with vaccines in the fight against coronavirus. The information revealed that the substances in Cannabis could reduce the spread of covers in the body and help the infection not enter the lungs. It Can fight alpha and beta pathogens.

Hemp oil must be clear but black. That is the villager’s production method.

However, the main problem of patients recovering from covid infection is Still having to deal with the condition of the covers again. Doctor Gift said Cannabis affects COVID-19 and can cultivate Both insomnias and reluctance. Reducing inflammation in the body is said to be one of the most efficient soils in the world for growing Cannabis.

CBD compounds and medicinal properties

CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body. Reduce the blockage of blood vessels that nourish the heart. And also helps in treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Studies on the diseases that can be treated with CBD have shown that CBD has many beneficial properties, including:

– Relieves and prevents heart disease

– Reduces nausea and vomiting in patients on chemotherapy when standard medications are ineffective

– Reduces anorexia and weight loss in HIV

– infected people with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, including epilepsy relief

– chronic pain control. Treating the pain of multiple sclerosis (MS)

– Relieving symptoms of ALS or muscle weakness

– Relieving Tremors in Parkinson’s Disease – Relieving


– Relieving Depression

– Relieving Schizophrenia – Alleviates

redness from other drugs

– Reduces acne and dry skin

Food-related CBD

The Ministry of Public Health notification 429 (27 August 2064) states that food products containing CBD must not exceed 75 milligrams/kg (ppm) and THC not more than 0.15 milligrams/kg. There are four types of food which are

  1. Supplements, tablets, capsules, and liquids
  2. Carbonated flavored beverages
  3. Non-carbonated flavored beverages
  4. Cereal and grain beverages

Most of the food products that use CBD as an ingredient are just drinks and food supplements, and you will get all of these in CBD shop. But abroad, CBD is an ingredient in various foods, such as drinking water, healthy drinks, snacks, etc.

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