Clear the problem of dark eye sockets by surgery.

Before having surgery, you need to understand the cause first. It can be divided according to two causes: natural dark eye sockets and deeply dull eye sockets. that follows after surgery to remove too many bags under the eyes by cause and solution of each type are as follows

Problems with dark eye sockets naturally.

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 Most of the causes are deep eye sockets, less fat under the eyes, thin skin, work that requires focusing on the screen. computer for many long hours a day Or sleep deprivation together for a long time or have some congenital disease, such as allergies, etc.

 The problem of dark and deep eye sockets is a result of surgery, regardless of from removing too many bags under the eyes or have an accident Or have had surgery on the lower eye socket before, such as an accident causing the skin to atrophy and collapse If there are some skin problems in conjunction with it, it will make it more obvious. Looks shabby and has a dark color with the light hitting the deep corner The more it makes it look darker and clearer.

 Correction or treatment of dark eye socket problems must be corrected according to the aforementioned causes, divided into the following main approaches:

Surgical treatment

(lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning technique) This method is suitable for dark eye sockets. with clearly deep eye sockets There may be a problem with bags under the eyes. and or have sagging skin as well will be arranged Rearrange the fat under the eyes more balanced and full If the amount of fat under the eyes is insufficient, fat grafting (Lipofilling or Micro Fat transfer) may be used, or dermal fat graft may be used to remove protruding eye sockets. and if there is a problem eye socket bone structure collapse or bone deformity That surgery will have to fix it. The bones completely collapsed first.

Treatment with fat grafting (Lipo filling nŝo Micro Fat transfer)

Fat Grafting Treatment Suitable for those who have problems with deep eye sockets, dark circles and without visible bags under the eyes. And no wrinkles under the eyes. The purpose of fat grafting (Microfat transfer or Lipofilling) is to increase the volume of fat to be fuller For dark circles, most of the symptoms will improve after about 4 months or more due to changes in the skin structure after fat grafting. will be fuller and tighter The pigment will be reduced in intensity.

 In addition, if fat can be extracted into smaller particles called Nanofat or through a process that is further broken down into Stromal vascular fraction (SVF), it can also be injected under the skin to increase the efficiency of fat grafting. And make the skin in that area look more radiant by using fat grafting (Microfat Nanofat transfer)

 However, how good will it be? Depending on the expertise of The surgeon also And because there are many blood vessels and nerves in the eye area, if injected without knowledge and inappropriate use of needles, it may cause damage to the veins or red blood vessels, which can result in blindness. Therefore, it should be injected by a well-trained plastic surgeon.

using a laser

The purpose of laser treatment is to lighten the pigmentation under the eyes together with making the skin look firmer. It is mainly used in cases where there are deep eye socket problems, dark circles that do not require surgery, or used in conjunction with the correction of pigment reduction after surgery, depending on Want to make the result more clear

Use of moisturizers and sunscreens

Recommended in all cases. whether surgery or not to protect the skin more deterioration from sunlight and pollution which will help promote after surgery Skin regenerates faster and helps prevent darker deeper eyes than before

Behavior modification and holistic care, such as using sunglasses when being out in the sun for a long time or enough rest Proper diet and hormonal balance will affect the skin and fat structure. deteriorate more slowly than it should be, etc.

Complications after lower eyelid surgery

Cracked eye, eccentric eye (Ectropion)

It is a condition in which the lower eyelids protrude. Until the line of the original eyelashes reveals the inner conjunctiva. And cause irritation, tears and may be followed by conjunctivitis. Normally, eccentricity Eyelid surgery after surgery The lower eye is less common. Especially if the surgery is performed by a surgeon specialized in plastic surgery. which has been well urdughr trained

 Factors that increase the likelihood of ectropion include lack of surgeon’s knowledge and expertise. This results in over-evaluation of skin cuts or sutures that cause excessive tension, resulting in traction. until the eyes are broken or bleed Therefore, doing the lower eyelid surgery with a specialized doctor, especially with a plastic surgeon It can help reduce the risk at this point.

 In case of having undergone surgery many times Either lower eyelid surgery or accident or various disabilities, including the case of the elderly with extreme drooping lower eyelids, bulging eyes (Exophthalmos), or patients with a history of heavy smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol, which results in delayed wound healing, long swelling, and a history of allergy Easy eye irritation (Sjogren’s syndrome)

 Normally, eccentric eyelids can be divided into 2 methods of treatment: in mild cases, for example, after surgery, there is irritation after washing your face or taking a shower and getting water in your eyes. But there is no obvious protrusion of the eyelids and the symptoms persist during the first 3 months. This is called pseudo ectropion.

 The treatment method is to gently massage your fingers under the eyes. and along the surgical wound line To encourage faster swelling reduction, better drainage of the blood and lymphatic system. As a result, swelling is reduced and the wound is softer and gets into place faster. It can also be prevented by wearing sunglasses. Especially when having to go out or riding a motorcycle to reduce eye irritation. If you have a history of allergies It was easy to irritate the eyes before. It is recommended to take medication and irritation together

 Use artificial tears to reduce irritation. If it’s quite a lot It is recommended to use an adhesive tape (Sterile strip or Micropore) to cover the edges. Lower eyes to support the eyes from drooping. It will help reduce irritation and make it in place faster.

 In the event that the eyelids are very clearly visible or through treatment Coercion is not better we call it as True ectropion web series review

 The treatment method is through surgery, including lateral canthopexy, lateral canthopexy, and removal of tissues from other areas. from the head of the eye to the tail of the eye Including moving the skin to fix (Skin graft) as

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