Compelling Reasons to Use a Credit Card

Most personal finance experts spend a lot of time and energy preventing us from using credit cards for some good reason. Evidently, many people use credit cards without any purpose and end up in debt.

Contrary to popular belief, if plastic is used responsively, one can keep cash transactions to a minimum and get many other perks too. Continue reading the post to know why you must have and use a credit card to manage your personal finances.

Best Cashback Schemes

If you are an eCommerce enthusiast and do online shopping, you can make the most of this opportunity by using credit cards. You can get reward points for every time you swipe or use a credit card.

Most eCommerce platforms have standing tie-ups with banks, and they tend to offer between 5-10% cack back anytime on most purchases. Yes, there are some cap values, but still, you can save significantly.

Build Credit Score for Access to Future Credit

An individual’s credit score shows how good a person is at repaying loans. Lending institutions and banks thoroughly assess the credit report before approving you a loan. So, the more credit score you have, the easier the possibility of getting future credit. Credit cards, in this context, help a lot in building a strong credit score.

So, make sure to have credit at the beginning of your career right after when you start earning. The uses will help you get or lend bigger loans to fulfil your needs like car loans, home loans, etc.

Balance Transfer

There are many credit cards that come with the facility to transfer pending dues of one credit card to another, even if it is not from a similar bank. This helps in lowering the applicable interest charges.

If you have significant dues on one credit card with a higher interest rate against loans, you can transfer it to another credit card offering a lower interest rate. This way, you can also lower your financial stress.

Keeping Records of Your Expenses

Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to track your expenses. Credit cards and programs like Quicken or Microsoft Money can easily help you see where your money is going. This way, you can have a detailed track of your spending and how it changes from month to month.

Some credit card companies even offer management features in their accounts so that they can categorise charges online and view the totals for every category without downloading them to your system biographypark.

Access to Several Privileges

Most credit cards offer privileges like complimentary lounge access to international and domestic airports, access to leading OTT platforms, access to gold courses, round-the-clock concierge services, rewards at fuel stations, worldwide acceptance of credit cards, etc. Many privileges come with credit cards, and you need to choose the one that suits your lifestyle theviralnewj.

If you are comfortable and disciplined in repaying all your dues and managing the borrowings responsibly, credit cards can be the best tool that you can have to deal with your personal finance. Do proper research and then find the most suitable credit card before having one and make sure to use it responsibly and where it is most relevant.

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