How to Find Out If Your Phone Has a Magnetic Sensor

Your phone has a magnetometer built in to sense your position in space and determine whether it’s pointing north or south. The sensor consists of three modules that measure the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field and local magnetism. They are called Hall Effect sensors, and each one produces a changing output voltage when the magnetic field changes. If your phone has a magnetic sensor, it can tell whether you’re in the right location at any time.

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There are a few ways to use a smartphone’s magnetic sensor. For one, it can adjust the position of the screen or even use a built-in compass application to determine the exact location of your location without a GPS. And if you don’t want to use GPS, a magnetic sensor will give you raw data on the earth’s magnetic field. This feature may be useful if you’re lost or want to make sure you’re in the right location.

Another way to find out if your phone has a magnetic sensor is to download the Magnetometer app. This app is free and educational. A micro-Tesla app measures the magnetic field in 3-D and shows the T symbol. Some units let you choose between Gauss and T units. The strength of Earth’s magnetic field is 65 T, and a Gauss is 0.65. Most modern smartphones have an internal 3-axis magnetometer. This device is typically used for non-GPS direction-finding tools.

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