How to Revive Your Bored Pup’s Life?

Fur babies are known to be social creatures who may need their pack or human companions to live full and happy lives. And that is why pet puppies can quickly get bored when they aren’t showered with enough care and attention by their human companions.

Some bored pups may experience withdrawal symptoms and quietly suffer appetite, anxiety, and mental and physical health issues. Other puppies may take to destructive behaviors like excessive barking, digging, chewing, hurting themselves, damaging things at home, and more.

A simple cause like boredom can wreak havoc with your pet’s health. Scheduling a vet’s appointment may be essential to help your desolate puppy recover from potentially suffering from health issues. Dog insurance NZ can help you afford pet health care with lower financial stress.

Puppy insurance covers much of your fur baby’s diagnosis and treatment costs during accidents, injuries, specific illnesses, dental issues, pet emergencies, and more, depending on your chosen plan. While you consider buying a policy, learn about why puppies get bored and how to resolve the issue.

Why does your puppy get bored?

Puppy’s mood can shift from a healthy to a negative state when they don’t get sufficient physical exercise, playtime, toys, or bonding time with you or other family members. In such cases, they most likely get frustrated and misbehave.

How to help your bored pet regain zeal for life?

1.Provide stimulation opportunities

Puppies, just like humans, may not like to live every day of their lives doing the same thing repeatedly. Allow them chances to explore the world through travel and socialization in your company.

Also, a puppy needs physical and mental exercise, which is why you can add some dog puzzle toys, squeaky chew toys, balls, ropes, flying disc toys, treat dispenser toys, etc., into your shopping cart so you can gift your pup longing for variety.

2.Adopt another furry pet

Multi-pet households are usually lively, with active interactions among fur babies. A puppy with the company of another canine or feline sibling most likely stays happy and healthy. Puppy having a furry companion and playmate to connect with while you get away from home may not feel anxious and lonely.

However, ensure every fur baby has a unique set of toys to play with so they don’t argue over them in your absence. Plus, you can rotate their toys once in two to three days, so they don’t get bored playing with the same toy set daily.

3.Have assorted pocket pets

You can have a small-sized exotic pet collection at home. For instance, place caged birds or a water bowl containing neon tetra, goldfish, or clown fish on a high table that your dog can view but not get their paws on. Watching the tiny critters move around can become one of your puppy’s favorite pastimes.

4.Tune in your pup’s favorite channel

A puppy that delights in watching dog shows or listening to music must be allowed its indulgences. You can play some dog movies, cartoons, or animal shows on TV involving adventure, hunting, chasing, etc., to keep your fur baby engaged when you need to head out to complete short errands.

Even while you spot signs of boredom in your puppy, helping your furry little friend overcome the issue can be difficult if you are a busy pet parent. Leaving your puppy with family members or a hired pet sitter or at a doggy daycare can work much in favor of your puppy’s health.

Remember, pet accidents, injuries, and sickness are unpredictable. You may need the help of dog insurance in NZ, so you can be financially prepared to afford your pet’s medical care for covered health conditions. Puppy insurance benefits vary across plans, so consider your budget and puppy’s health needs, and read the insurance policy wordings carefully before signing up for a pet plan.

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