How traders do profitable trade with Earn2trade 2022

Traders can earn profits immediately

Earn2Trade review provides accounts with distinctive features. In the beginning the trader is given an account that is an online deposit. If he fulfills the requirements for profits, drawdowns, as well as the required amount of contracts, he’s provided with real cash. A successful trading experience allows him to take out 80 percent of the amount deposited. So, the account he is training transforms into an account for trading.

Types of accounts:

  • Trader Career Path

It is an account rate plan that lets a trader slowly improve his skills and build up his account balance. There are six different account options including Evaluation Junior LiveSim Junior Live, Intermediate Live Advanced Live as well as Senior Live. The trader starts with an Evaluation account, and the virtual investment of $20,000. If he is able to trade according to the rules and earns profits the trader can then move to the next level of account. The amount of money that is deposited increases with the increase in account levels and the maximum of $200,000 is available to those who have Senior Live accounts. 

  • Gauntlet Mini

This is an account with an online capital that ranges between $25,000 and $150,000. The traders who meet the requirements for trading for 15 consecutive days are granted access to actual funds in the form of the virtual deposit. Monthly payments are made for Gauntlet Mini depending on the amount of money available to trade.

  • Gauntlet

This account needs a customer to be able to trade with virtual money for 60 days. If he can manage the challenge, a prop company will provide him with a $25,000 cash purse. After having earned $5,500 the trader will become an associate with a limited-liability firm. The subscription to Gauntlet is $429, and it’s only paid once and not every month.

Earn2Trade helps users learn how to trade their futures professionally and selects traders that can represent financial firms in the world’s biggest exchanges.

  • Security: Protection for Investors

Earn2Trade is not a broker however it is an educational business. It does not offer financial services, and therefore does not need to be licensed by a regulatory agency. However, the company is in compliance to U.S. laws and adheres to a strict privacy policy.


  • Customers don’t transfer money into their accounts, therefore they can’t lose it.
  • The company does not share details of the personal information from its traders who are registered with it to any third parties.


  • Subscription payments made using credit card will require to enter the CVV code
  • Identification verification is necessary
  • Withdrawal Options and Fees

  • Earn2Trade does not withdraw funds. It’s a prop firm that provides traders with capital to manage their business. Applications for withdrawal of funds are only processed on Tuesdays. To be able to receive the funds on time clients must submit an application. The application can be sent via email.
  • The money can be withdrawn via a credit card (USD only) via a bank transfer, through or in cryptocurrency.
  • The minimum amount to withdraw is $100. If a client makes a request for an amount of $500, then the organization who makes the withdrawal does not charge fees. However, fees can be paid by payment processors, banks as well as crypto exchanges. The charge for withdrawals less than $500 is $10 per transaction.

Review of Topstep

Top step is an international business that offers unique terms of trading to work with Forex Futures and assets. First, regardless of the level of your trading expertise, you have to use the Trading Combine simulation account, considering all restrictions on trading: your maximum daily or weekly losses permitted, the maximum trade volume, and any other restrictions. There are no limitations on the length of time you can spend for passing the stages However, the broker will charge fees per month for trading through Trading Combine.

Topstep with the numbers:

  • The maximum leverage is 1:100.
  • The traders are provided with two types of accounts: Simulator and Real accounts that are funded.
  • In 2021 the broker distributed profits to its clients in 2021 
  • Topstep provides 9 currencies of the basic type to trade with.
  • The trading community of the broker comprises representatives from 143 countries.



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