Is it Bad to Drink Soda During and Or After a Meal?

While you may not feel like you need to cut back on soda during your meal, there are times when you should avoid them. According to a nutrition expert, soda is not good for your health. Soda causes the pancreas to work overtime to process the sugar. When your body doesn’t need that extra sugar, it gets converted into fat and stored in your liver. This results in a sudden sugar crash. Soda can be dangerous for your health.

If you aren’t aware of how carbonated drinks affect your health, here are some facts you should know. The sugar in soft drinks has been linked to cancer. This is not an isolated issue. Even 100 percent fruit juice has been linked to cancer. The average serving size of a 20-ounce bottle is 4 ounces, which is over 50 grams of sugar per serving.

While soda drinks are generally low in caffeine, the amount of caffeine in one can add up. In fact, the safe daily dose is 400 milligrams. The key is to give your body time to adjust to the change. If you can’t give up soda, you can switch to water or flavored sparkling drinks. For something a little more flavor, try fresh-brewed herbal tea or sparkling water.

Studies have also linked sugar-sweetened drinks to diabetes. Among other things, drinking sugar-sweetened beverages has been linked to increased risk of heart disease. In a study of nearly 60,000 women, the researchers found that drinking sugary drinks increased the risk of diabetes by 26%. In addition to this, they found a link between drinking sugary sodas and weight gain.

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