Oldies Songs Remixed With Hip Hop Or Rap

Hip hop merged the rhythms and melodies of the olden days, and hip hop songs were never the same afterward. However, some classic songs have been given new life through hip hop remixes. Some of the best examples of oldies songs remixed with hip hop or rap are listed below. Check out this list to find out the best ones! f95forum

The EPMD song “It’s Yours” introduced hip hop in a laid-back way. It was released as the first song on the Def Jam Recordings label, prior to the release of “I Need a Beat” by LL Cool J. In fact, it was one of the earliest hip-hop records. The song featured complex words and alliteration that made it a hip-hop classic ahead of its time.

“White Lines” by Marley Marl is another classic that merged rap and oldies. Although credited to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, the song was written by Melle Mel and was instrumental in the development of Hip Hop. It was a pivotal song during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. Its clever lyrics were written by Run DMC and Rick Rubin and was an early example of a modern-day Hip Hop song. It was the first rap song with a message about drugs. It also showcased a unique style of Hip-Hop.

“Runnin'” by The Pharcyde is a great example of a chase-the-beat song. The Pharcyde’s lyrics are some of the most heartbreaking of the group. The production was phenomenal, and the lyrics of the song are among their best. It’s the ultimate escape cut. If you’re looking for a classic hip-hop remix, this is the one for you!  dumpor

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