Strategies for Playing Moonlight Sculptor: Attribute Allocation Tips

In Moonlight Sculptor, both weapons and armor have certain attribute requirements in order to be used. For example, leather armor demands a certain level of agility while plate armor needs a certain amount of strength. Generally, those who are sculptors and archers equip themselves with leather armor, whereas mages usually wear magical armor. Still, there are certain exceptions. For instance, some high-level hunting grounds necessitate mages to carry plate armor to guarantee their survival. Therefore, it is not recommended to put all points in either agility or strength when allocating character attributes. Instead, the decision should be based on your own gameplay preferences and whether you focus on PvE or PvP. Here are some suggestions, though they may not be entirely accurate.

The emphasis of warriors is on both strength and agility:

Once a warrior has achieved the required 70 strength, they will need to put in some effort to up their agility for improved accuracy. It has been established that attributes have a major effect, and this is the case for agility as well.

– Attributes: Damage dealt, health points, capacity of a rucksack, necessary gear for armaments and defensive gear.

– Being Agile: Striking precisely, attaining a high hit rate, and avoiding being hit.

It is suggested to assign:

  1. Combining Agility (accuracy in the range of 105-115%) with Strength yields a total Strength of 70.
  2. All Agility is characterized by Strength 70.

When selecting a Paladin, one should evaluate the strength, constitution, and agility of the individual in question.

Paladins must pay attention to their constitution, strength, and agility if they wish to use weapons and shields, and meet accuracy requirements. The majority of points should be invested in constitution to equip their weapons and shields, accuracy for their hunting grounds, and the remaining points should go to strength. The primary effects of these attributes are as follows:

– The Constitution meets the demands for weaponry and armor.

– Advantages: Can fulfill the needs for armor wear and attack power.

– Being Agile: Precision, propensity to strike with deadly accuracy, and the ability to avoid attacks.

In order to don magical armor and legendary magic staffs, mages must first meet the intelligence requirement of 73. For highly proficient mage players, wisdom is needed to make up for the accuracy requirement. To enhance their survivability, some mages may choose to equip lizards as shields or wear plate armor. After the accuracy prerequisite is fulfilled, it is suggested to enhance maximum MP and MP regeneration with wisdom. According to the primary effects of attributes:

– Attributes that influence a character’s strength include attack power, critical strike rate, the requirement to wear armor, and magical staff proficiency.

– Knowledge: Precision, most MP, MP restoration, avoiding being hit.

An image of the Moonlight Sculptor is depicted in the picture.

It is advised that the following strategy be employed:

Adding together Intelligence 73 (the requirement for legendary weapons) and Charm 33 (the charm needed to capture lizards) equals all of the Wisdom historyglow.

Assign a few points to Strength, then use a reset potion to set Intelligence to 73, and use the remaining points for Wisdom.

Agility should be the primary focus for archers to invest in.

Archers, as safe damage dealers at a distance, do not need to increase their strength to be able to use plate armor. Therefore, they only have to increase their agility to get more power and accuracy in their attacks. Their charm should only be upgraded until it is between 28-33, as a result of the main effects of the attributes.

– Agility affects the ability to attack with potency, hit with precision, increase the possibility of scoring a critical hit and provides the ability to dodge attacks. Buoc Chan Lang Tham Nguyen Si Kha • Rainy Day Memories • 2023

– Charming: Improving the likelihood of taming a pet, adding more abilities to the pet.

It is suggested that:

  1. All about being agile.
  2. Charm 33 leads to increased Agility, and, after drinking a reset potion, all Agility is restored.

All Charm is used to enhance the Agility of pets by 70 informenu

Beginning with no standing, sculptors ultimately become a secret society after taking up their craft.

Many sculptors often find themselves at a loss in deciding between investing in strength or agility. For those who do not wish to wear plate armor, it is advisable to focus primarily on agility. Enhancing this attribute will result in improved accuracy, critical strike rate, and evasion. Additionally, the passive skill of the sculptor’s expert skill with a short sword will augment physical and magical attack power as agility is increased. It is possible to enhance agility up to 70 and then invest in strength in a ratio of 4:1 or 3:2 with constitution. Despite some sculptors preferring a mage-type, long-range gameplay, this is not recommended as the main magic skill has a cooldown period of 30 seconds. To enhance magic accuracy, wisdom must also be invested in. According to the main effects of various attributes:

– Power: Offensive strength dishportal.

– Agility can be measured by a character’s attack power, accuracy, critical strike rate, and rate of evasion.

It is suggested that the following should be allocated: etvhindu

  1. Possessing the ability to act swiftly and nimbly.

For Agility 70 or higher (accuracy of 105-115%), all Strength is needed.

When agility is at 70 or above (with accuracy between 105-115%), the points should be divided between Strength and Constitution in either a 4:1 or 3:2 ratio quoteamaze

In Conclusion

In Moonlight Sculptor, assigning occupational attributes is quite significant, and this is related to the outfit you plan to equip. You should select the allocation of adding points as per your own requirements. The above-mentioned adding points should be used merely as a reference. To learn more regarding Moonlight Sculptor, downloading Redfinger’s Android emulator from is an option.











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