The Gear You Need for a Streaming Game Setup

Streaming has become a lot easier and more lucrative for gamers in 2022. There are numerous platforms on which they can stream their games and get paid for their efforts. Gamers can also build massive communities that watch their streams every time they go live. To be a successful game streamer, you should make the experience better for you and your audience. You do this by having the right software, games, and hardware. Because there are lots of resources that discuss the software you need, we will only be talking about the gear below.

The Computer

The computer is the central hub of your streaming setup and will determine your gaming experience and the one you can provide your audience. A computer with a CPU with lots of cores, enough RAM and a powerful graphics card is the best option for video game streaming.

If you do not have a large budget for a computer, many great gaming computers at different price points will do an adequate job. Additionally, you can always upgrade the components inside your computer down the road. You can check out the computers available as part of the Lenovo gaming setups lineup to find one that will be adequate for gaming and streaming at a price you can afford.

A Camera

A good camera is essential if you plan on appearing on the stream. Although many streamers use high-end cameras, you can get started with any digital camera that performs well under different light conditions and that can capture at least 720P.

You can pair a DSLR camera with a plug-and-play capture card to use it as a webcam for your streams. The DSLR will provide a much better image when streaming, and you can use it for video calls if you like.

There is a robust second-hand camera market for those on a tight budget, and this might be a good option for you to consider.

Capture Card

If you would like to stream your PlayStation or Xbox gameplay, you will need a capture card. A capture card is also required if you have two computers where you use one for gameplay and the other for streaming.

When shopping for a capture card, you should ensure it can handle 1080p60 video streams. While 4K capture cards are available, they are quite pricey and may not be the best option for those staring out. That said, getting a 4K capture card right now means you will not have to buy one when you eventually switch to 4K gaming.

Good Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for a professional streaming setup. There are lots of options available here. However, pick the one you can control through your computer or phone app.

There are the essentials you need for a game streaming setup. You can improve the setup by adding gear like microphones, a green screen, audio controls and a stream deck that lets you control lots of things in your stream.

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