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What Happens If You Look in a Mirror in a Lucid Dream?

You’ve probably wondered if you can see yourself in a mirror in a lucidic dream. While this isn’t the only reason you might see yourself in the mirror, it can be an interesting experience nonetheless. In fact, it has been known to happen to people who stare at themselves for long periods of time. When they do this, their faces appear warped, and they feel that they’re not really who they truly are.

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The reflection in a lucid dream might be a manifestation of the message coming from their subconscious mind. It could be anything from a different species to a monstrous image. It could even be a reflection of the self-image they wish to hide. In other cases, they may see a reflection of their highest ideal selves or their eternal bitsandboxes.

Lucid dreams can be as early as age three, but they tend to occur around ages 12 and fourteen, and become less common as we get older. The goal of lucid dreaming is to be aware of your unconscious and explore what you see. Taking a peek into your unconscious can allow you to see things you’d otherwise never experience. However, the results of lucid dreams are often unpredictable, and it’s best to check with a doctor to ensure the safety of your lifeline hospital.

While a dreamer may be unaware of the consequences of looking in a mirror in a lucidic dream, it is still a sign that the dreamer is seeking self-improvement. They may have been thinking about their own character changes or are looking at negative aspects of their personality. It can also be a sign of jealousy or insecurity.

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