What is a Fall-Arrest System in the Construction Business?

A fall-arrest system is a body harness attached to a safety tie-off, thereby preventing the fall. This type of harness consists of multiple loops of webbing sewn together, each of which rips out a thread and provides resistance during the fall. In some cases, fall-arrest systems may use elastic bungee as a fall-resisting component. For example, if a worker is working on a road project, he may be wearing a fall-arrest system, such as a green bungee strap. For example, if the road site is building a brand-new road, he is probably working on retaining girders, drains and other structures. If the worker slips and falls, he may experience an injury

A fall-arrest system is essential if the worker is working at heights that are greater than 6 feet. A full-body harness should be able to reduce the arresting force of the fall to about 1,800 pounds. The system should also be capable of supporting a combined tool weight of 310 pounds. The fall-arrest system should be designed to prevent accidental falls and injuries.

An effective fall-arrest system will be installed professionally and regularly inspected by a trained technician. Depending on the type of construction project, the fall-arrest system may be installed on a concrete wall. These systems do not require personal protective equipment, but they do require an annual inspection. Moreover, they do not pose a financial burden on the construction workers. The cost of a fall-arrest system can be higher than a fall-protection system.

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