Which Culture Has the Most Dominant Influence on Humanity?

For most of human history, the masses were influenced by local folk culture and dogmatic forms of rule. During that time, most people lived in small towns or rural areas, and conditions were not conducive to popular culture. However, by the end of the eighteenth century, the rural masses began to migrate to the cities, resulting in the urbanization of Western societies. Thus, which culture has the greatest influence on humanity?

Cultural differences between individuals and societies are a key factor. While European Americans and East Asians are very different from each other, they share many common traits. For instance, the French people tend to resist the adoption of foreign words and technologies. In contrast, Germans are quick to adopt new words and technologies from other cultures. In short, the two cultures have different ways of thinking about society and people. Both, however, exhibit different forms of individualism and collective identity.

Human cultural evolution has an evolutionary cumulative effect. Since agriculture was invented some 8,000 to ten thousand years ago, the time between major cultural inventions has become shorter. That increase in culture is likely due to a higher population. The more people there are, the more ideas will accumulate. That way, there will be more ways to secure food supplies and keep people alive. This will ultimately create a greater culture.

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