Why is Microsoft Teams’ Meeting Experience So Popular in Business?

With remote and hybrid working on rise, there is an even greater need for a high quality, virtual meeting experience. Does Microsoft Teams offer the perfect solution?

It’s coming up to businesstodaysnews 3 years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in full force, and if there’s one thing that the business community has learned from it, it’s that offices was never the nexus of all work and business – people were.

Business that implemented the right mindset early on found that remote working could be just as efficient – if not more so – than traditional on-premises work. But in addition to the right mindset, the right tools were needed; in particular trendingbird, a rich meeting experience was needed to approximate the face-to-face communicate that was sorely missed. This is where Microsoft Teams came in, which became a primary tool for many businesses – such as TechQuarters, who spoke with us about the platform. Like many other London IT support companies, TechQuarters have spent much of their time over the last few years helping customers adapt to remote working – to them, solutions like Teams are essential to that process.

Microsoft Teams’ Meeting Experience

Out of all the various remote meeting solutions that are available now, Microsoft Teams may well be one of the widely used (and popular) ones available. Remote meetings are useful in many contexts; for example, TechQuarters relies on video meetings when providing IT support services in London, as many of their clients receive support entirely remotely. With all the different options for remote meetings on the market, many people may be wondering why Teams is considered to be one of the better (or perhaps the best) option. Below are some of the reasons why Microsoft Teams’ meeting experience is consistently ranked above many other options on the market:

1. Microsoft 365 Integration

The first and most obvious reason why Microsoft Teams meetings are so effective is because Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft 365, which is widely considered to be one of the best business productivity suites on the market. Teams meetings are designed to work seamlessly with other Microsoft apps and the Windows operating system. For instance, in Windows 11, by hovering over any app in your taskbar during a meeting, you will see a button for instantly sharing the app window in the meeting – this is just one example of the many minute details the make a big difference in the meeting experience of Teams vs other options. Other examples of Microsoft 365 integration in Teams meetings includes the way in which users can seamlessly present a PowerPoint presentation to their participants.

2. Third-party App Integration

Of course, most businesses do not use just one company’s products. For instance, TechQuarters started life as an Office 365 company in 2010, and to this day their infrastructure is based on Microsoft 365 – but that doesn’t mean they don’t use many other third-party apps. Microsoft Teams actually supports 600 different integrations with third-party apps and services – including products from companies like Slack, HootSuite, and more. Microsoft Teams has an entire section for famousmagazinenow browsing apps and workflows from third-party developers that add unique functionalities to the overall Microsoft Teams experience – and there are many apps and workflows available to be used within Teams meetings.

3. Meeting Productivity Features

Microsoft have put considerable effort into including features that help organisations keep meetings on track and in focus. It is common for business meetings to lose focus and have many digressions; but there are a number of great features for keeping a meeting going in the right direction. For example, Microsoft Loop is a new-generation app that creates real-time updating components that sync across endpoints – it can be used in Teams Meetings to create an in-sync agenda of items for a meeting that appears in the meeting chat; this then allows meeting participants to keep track of the agenda knowcarupdate in a more intelligent and intuitive way.

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